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Quality of My Ammunition

Introducing my Alpha L-250

A commercial loader engineered for high-volume precision-based loading.


Alpha L-250 Features

Laser Debris Check 
Empty cases are inspected for debris. If foreign material exists, the computer does not drop powder or a projectile. The case is rejected.

Case Crack Check
As the name suggests, a laser inspects the case for cracks. If a crack on the case exists, the case is rejected.

Laser Powder Check
After powder is dropped, 2 lasers inspect the powder charge looking for a low or a high charge. If a high/low charge is found, the case is rejected.

Laser Micrometer (OAL)
After a projectile is seated onto the case, a laser measures the overall length of the bullet. If the length is within specifications, it is accepted. If not, it is rejected.

Auto Reject
If any of the aforementioned issues are found, the case or bullet is automatically rejected. This ensures that every round meets our strict measures for quality control.

More Features
Up to 6,000 rounds an hour. I'm currently consistently running at 4,500 per hour. Loader also includes crack check, flash hole check, individually controlled micro-adjustable powder drop, designed for high volume production to ensure precision and loading consistency.

The problems you encounter with reloads or re-manufactured ammunition are largely due to human error and the utilization equipment not designed for high-volume production (ahem, 1050's with autodrive).

The precision with which my loader loads ammunition eliminates that possibility through the implementation of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology applied to ammunition.

If you're not shooting re-manufactured or reloaded ammunition that was loaded on something like this, well, shoot at your own risk because the problems you hear about won't happen from ammo loaded on the L-250.