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Refund Guarantee

You can request and receive a full refund at anytime prior to your order being shipped. Please note that due to safety reasons there are no refunds after product has been shipped or delivered.  


Send an email to cancel your order

Please send an email to to cancel your order or complete the form below. You will receive email confirmation from me personally once your order is cancelled.

Letter Regarding Bank Disputes

As a small arms ammunition manufacturer, we do our absolute best to ensure that your order is shipped within the time frame posted on our site at the time you place your order. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances in production may arise from time-to-time that prevent us from fulfilling your order based on the posted schedule.

I created this REFUND GUARANTEE for orders that haven't yet shipped (not for orders that have already delivered, ahem, Luke!) to give you the confidence that you deserve when doing business with PRO-RELOAD. I truly care about your business and about always doing the right thing. I believe this REFUND GUARANTEE is one way that I can prove to you that I will make every attempt to ship on-time.

Furthermore, I humbly request that if your order has not shipped and you'd like a refund, please DO NOT call your bank to get your money back. That's not getting a refund, that's a business dispute, and that's very bad for my business. 

You may not know this, but whenever you call your bank to dispute a charge and bypass my ability to refund your money with the click of a button, it has a VERY damaging affect on my business. If the bank receives too many disputes from my account and they end in chargebacks, they will shut down my account which prevents me from accepting credit cards which will literally put me out of business. If this were to happen, my ability to provide for my wife and two small children is severely compromised. It's actually a very serious issue.

Isaac Lay | Founder, CEO & Head Janitor